Thanks to Senate Bill 310, we will have no idea.

We have an electricity generation crisis in Ohio, and it’s about to get a whole lot worse. Our legislators should be encouraging more long-term answers. Instead they are attacking the few that we currently have.

Ohio’s Renewable Portfolio Standard and Energy Efficiency Standard have been working since 2009, they continue to work today, and they will continue to work to save Ohioans money for decades to come.

This site was created to function as a tool for Ohio residents and businesses to use as they fight the influence that the utilities have over their state legislators. This site is about standing up and saying “Enough!” TAKE ACTION TODAY.

It is time that we insist that our legislators stand up for Ohio and have a real conversation about our energy future. Please use this site and share it with your friends. Please call your legislators and tell them that enough is enough. Tell them that we want more long-term energy savings and more long-term, low cost energy. We want them to be worried about how they are going to power Ohio’s future and what Ohio’s electric bill will be for generations to come.

For comments about this site or to share additional information about SB310 please email contact@ohiospowerbill.com 

This site has been created and paid for by One Energy, a Findlay, Ohio headquartered company. One Energy works with large Ohio businesses  to offset electric consumption and protect them from future electricity rate increases by installing large wind turbines at their manufacturing sites. We are experts in wind energy, experts in the Ohio electricity market, and proud Ohioans.

One Energy projects operate under different laws than large renewable projects, and as such this legislation has no direct financial effect on our projects. Our motivation to contribute time and money to this fight comes from the simple fact that we pay a power bill in Ohio, we understand the game utilities are trying to play with Senate Bill 310, and we are calling “foul.”

We are an Ohio business; we want long-term, low cost electricity; we want to eliminate waste in our power consumption; and we want a real conversation about energy. Utilities are exerting incredible influence over our legislators. We want to stop the runaway lobbying train that the utilities are using to push Ohio’s legislators to approve Senate Bill 310.

Contact information and additional information about One Energy can be found at www.oneenergywind.com